De Boers Refit

Much like the Enterprise 1701 display, this had all the features of the actual Movie Prop. Over 46 inches in length, encased in a Lexan display case, this was a Museum quality showpiece. Over 15 months, and 3000 hours of studio time, went into this project. Much like the Enterprise E seen in the Gallery, this was a massive display, full featured, and hyper-detailed. The Refit seen here, also boasted twin red lasers, and “Photon Torpedo” effects. Controlled by a input “matrix” push button pad, and a microprocessor computer system, every effect seen on film, was faithfully reproduced for the client. Hull detailing effects had movie quality “Aztec” patterns, as seen on the real Prop Version used in the feature film, “Wrath of Khan”, and other fantastic films that followed. The video associated with the final delivery of this piece, shows the reaction of a very happy client!

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