Klingon Bird of Prey

The Klingon Bird of Prey, menacing, sleek, and armed to the teeth! This Prop Reproduction features full remote control capability, Twin Green Laser Wing Cannons, real wide beam..top of the line Lasers, full exterior and interior illumination effects. “Flickering” Warp Engine effects, Forward Photon Torpedo effect, a super detailed exterior, with weathering and battle damage effects.​ Huge scale…nearly a 6 foot Wing Span, and these are motorized for “Cruising” mode, and well as “Attack Stance”..

A one-of-a-kind Wing Drive Motor system designed by Edward Holt, this feature has never been seen in any other reproduction. The Wings are activated via remote control, and reproduce the raising and lowering, Wing Effect, as seen in the film and TV series. Authentic color scheme, and all sorts of “Greeble” detailing also as seen in the original Movie, and TV series prop.

There are even extra fiber optic and LED lighting details, near the “Impulse Engine” drives, that project from below the forward structure, just in front of the Wing assembly….

Even the Base has features, like lighted Control Panel screens, a hand crafted “commemorative designation” plaque that tops the base…and all via remote control!

The body length is approx. 40 inches long….a very serious scale! The Base also features a “Splash” lighting effect, projecting all around the bottom of the base, which features over a 100 lighting effects, and combinations!

A truly stunning display…not for the meek!

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