Type VII C German U Boat

This “Das Boot” film prop recreation, was created using the Revell Germany 1/72nd scale kit. Many after market detailing parts were added, to make it even more realistic and accurate. Teak wall panels in the Conning Tower, brass Periscope fittings, Compass, and Hatches. A specially reproduced “Swordfish” emblem, captured from a film still, of the actual Submarine used in that production. 32 inches long, and fully weathered, rust effects, Diesel burn effects, chipped paint details, all added to give the feel of a real war ravaged vessel.

These project images actually show several versions of the Type VII -C Submarine. One was the Italieri kit, which included a solid panel brass decking with wooden structural, over a resin body. Two, are Revell Germany kits, 1/72 nd scale, with different markings. All three had a variety of detailing after-market, brass, and wooden accent parts.

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