“Ultimate” Jupiter 2 Display

“Ultimate” Jupiter 2 Display

The latest Jupiter 2 Saucer display from the iconic “Lost in Space” TV show of the 1960’s. Probably the most popular item here at the Kit Factory Studio. This latest version incorporates the 18 inch Moebius kit, as it’s base shell. But then, it is heavily customized, and modified into a prop Quality display. This amazing creation features functional Landing Gear, functional Hatch, Motor assisted Reel to Tell Computer detail, Astrogator, Gyro, along with rotating Radar Screen displays! Hundreds of Fiber Optic lighting effects! Accurate color scheme, and so much more!

All presented on a custom, hand made Oak presentation Base, that features authentic 1960’s style Toggle, and Button Controls. A built in Quadrophonic Sound System, with famous sound effects and dialogue from the series!

The top Hull section is removable, kept in place by a special Magnetic lock system, and can be opened to reveal the detailed interior. As well as a look at the real inner workings of an authentic prop, with all it’s cables, lighting, and circuits.

This is the “Ultimate” Jupiter 2 Display, and only created here. These are extremely complex, and take several months to create, patience is required.

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