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Star Wars Executor Star destroyer

“Star Wars Executor Star destroyer” 36 inches long, on custom made Base…..100’s of Fiber Optic lighted Portholes and Windows…..and a “Flashing Gun” effects… Engine effects, and Pulsing Ion cannon….prop quality Hull patterns and details……Movie Prop quality display……

Price $7500

Captain Kirk Prop Film Figure

Star Trek “The Motion Picture” Captain Kirk Prop Film Figure, 26 inches tall on stand…made in the actual Film used Mold from the film! The first to be cast in the original Mold… by Steve Neil…..Lighted helmet, and Shoulder Pack Thrusters……on a Base with Steve Neil’s signature….same figure seen in the “Star-base disintegration scene in “The Motion Picture”….extremely rare….

Price $1500

Sulaco Heavy Cruiser

“Sulaco Heavy Cruiser” from the film “Aliens”….32 inches long, on a high quality Oak Base, with detailed Plaque. Pulsing Engine Effect, lighted Porthole, forward Antenna Array with flashing Beacon lighting, and Lighted Bay where the Alien Queen was ejected!
One of a kind, 3D printed kit, with a very detailed Hull patterns, as seen in the film….

Price $4750

Alien M41-A Pulse Rifle

“Alien M41-A Pulse Rifle”…stunt prop quality, full sized, heavy and realistic weathering, 25 inches long….1/1 scale….Military Sling…..a must for the “Alien” fan…..lighted Ammo Counter….

Price $2200

Hannebu II Saucer

“The Hannebu II Saucer”…..14 inch diameter…..built from a Squadron Model kit. Faithfully reproduced Camouflage paint application. This was the “Nazi” designed Saucer that was never released by the Third Reich…as it was developed in 1945..and the time of their defeat. It’s not certain if it was real…or not….but many engineering diagrams were found…and their “Bell” research is historical fact.
This is powered by Two 9 Volt batteries in the top section. It features lighted Custom Gun barrels….multiple effect Cabin Lighting…..and the Blue Beacon on the bottom…authentic markings, and designed as a Ceiling hanger…

Price $1500

Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium

Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium ceiling hanger…..internally powered, 18 inches tall, 15 inches wide, all in Sith Black, and detailed with various Steel, and Copper details……special custom decals top off the exterior…..
Hand Made Cannon Barrels, for a more authentic look……weathering effects throughout….
Lighting effects include Pulsing Engine in Blue, multiple Cockpit instrument sequences, and Wing Navigation Flashers..on all 3 Wings, front and rear… seen in the Film Prop….
Pre Strung with clear line for quick installation…9V battery access panel on bottom…

Price $1100

“Nostromo” Freighter Diorama

The “Nostromo” Freighter Diorama from the Blockbuster “Alien” film…..created with the very Rare “Halcyon” kit, which itself is worth over 500.00….on a “Planet Terrain” base…in authentic colors….much attention to Lighting Effects, Pulsing Engines, Lighted Cabin, Fiber Optic in Antenna’s, and various locations, Tile and Hull Effects….a splendid display for any Alien fan….and ready to display with a Plug in Power Pack…..
The Base measures 16″ by 17″….and the Nostromo itself is over 16″ long…..and is removable…

Price $6500

Star Wars Millennium Falcon in Dock 94

Star Wars Millennium Falcon in Dock 94 Diorama Display. This amazing display was built in 2016, then put in storage. A Prop style, fully detailed Millennium Falcon with a multitude of lighting effects. Movie quality “Dock 94” Landing Bay, as seen in the Planet Tatooine scenes.
Specialty Etched Glass (High Refraction Type) transmits all sorts of lighting effects…with a Remote Control unit, scratch built “Perimeter Defense Gun” in recessed bay”, lighted Interior view from Access Ramp, Landing Lights, Landing Gear lighting, Movie Version Lighting Scheme and my version of what it could have been, reference duplicated Weathering and Damage effects, Fiber Optic lighting throughout, stunning Cockpit Details…..
Details include also include…Open Storage bays with assorted Space Junk, Winch and Piping, Scaled Stormtroopers on Patrol, one of my very best displays!

Price $14,500

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