Black Acrylic Bezel, Chair or Briefing Room, Kirk’s Chair



Bezel acrylic ships with brown “paper” protective masking attached. Protective paper must be removed by purchaser.

Bezels are 1/8″ nominal thick (.1110″ actual thick) opaque gloss black acrylic with crisp 90 degree inside and outside corners. All inside and outside edges are laser polished. These Bezels are LASER CNC CUT PERFECTION if you are a TOS enthusiast and want only the best and, an absolutely perfect fit with no gaps, these are for you! These bezels provide a uniform gap-free 1/2″ border around all four sides of the TOS 8-switch banks.

Opening is 5.250” x 1.200”.

These bezels are precisely Laser-cut and engineered for Rockette Brand Rocker Switches made in the 1960’s. Each bezel accepts an eight-wide gang of switches placed snugly together at 21/32″ on-center. See photos for suggestions on mortises and installation. Suggested Adhesive is clear silicone in mortise pocket.

I have separate listings if you need real Rockettes (as used on the Star Trek Sets). The bezel can also be used with “Tippette Brand” vintage switches that look similar to Rockettes however; I think the Tippette switches never “line-up” all that well inside the bezel.


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