Black Rockette Star Trek Panel Switch, Kirk’s Chair



New Old Stock, Sealed in Package, NOT Salvaged, Includes Original #6-32 Slotted Head Brass Terminal Screws and #6-32 Flat Head Steel Panel Mounting Screw.

Rockette Brand: Made in Ohio U.S.A. and clearly Marked “Made In U.S.A.” and “Rockette” on every switch.

U.L. Inc. Inspection Marking: Yes, stamped into steel carriage on end.
Not: Carling Brand and, not made in Mexico.
Color Thru Plastic Rocker: Black.
Carriage: Galvanized stamped steel with markings and inspection certification.
Terminals: Solid brass tapped for #6-32 terminal screws (screws are included).
Switch House: Chocolate color Bakelite.
Mounting Center & Tabs: Galvanized Steel, Standard 1-5/16” C.L. To C.L. mounting tab distance between #6-32 tapped mounting screw holes. (Flat head #6-32 panel mounting screws included).
Rocker & Poles: Single rocker controls; two poles, this is a two position switch, allowing single rocker to “switch” one circuit “on and off”.
Ganging: When ganging right to left, or vice versa, no gapping occurs when used with other identical two and three pole switches.
Plastic Rocker Head Dimensions: 0.65” wide x 1.22” tall x 0.39” projection max. above mounting tab. These are actual plastic rocker head dimensions not hole clearance dimensions.
Unobtainium: These are just dam hard to find.
You get what you see in the photographs, but ask questions anyway….
Other Markings:
Location End, Stamped: 6A 125V AC, 3A 250 V AC
Location End, Stamped: UND. LAB INC. INSP.
Location Under Rocker, Stamped: MADE IN U.S.A.
Location Under Rocker, Stamped: ROCKETTE
Location Side, Stamped: C-H
Location Bottom Bakelite, Raised: MADE IN U.S.A., 17, N


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