Laser P2 Hero Grade 4.0 watt blue laser

$2,200.00 $1,450.00


The “Ultimate” Star Trek “Phaser 2” reproduction! Stainless Steel metal detailing, hand lathed by a talented expert. Detachable “P1” (Hand Phaser) with light and sound. Attached to the P2 shell…a full blown 4 Watt Blue Beam Laser! Sound and light never looked so good!

Rechargeable Batteries, Heavy Realistic feel, and accurate to a “T”!

These are custom made per order, and require 6 weeks to construct. Absolutely guaranteed to work correctly, or we will fix whatever issue it is.

Note that the Laser is very powerful, and will burn items in it’s path within seconds…NEVER point this item at ANYONE! It will not be sold to anyone under 21 years of age. Be aware that pointing the beam at the eyes may result in severe damage…possibly partial or full blindness. This is NOT A TOY….

You are responsible for using this in a safe environment.

This is the “Real Thing” you dreamed of as a child….and priced from $2200.00 to a special sale price…temporarily….

Are you up to the challenge of Star Trek?”


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