P1 Aluminum Crisp 60 degree Diamond Type




Real Aluminum Extra Crispy, Stamped Aluminum Aspirator Grill, not hard anodized, not die cast zinc, not mylar plastic, : ready for installation on your prop project, easy to work with and apply finish.

This Aluminum Crispy replica is, as near as I can tell, super bright mirror finish, an exact match to the J.Long P1 kit Extra Crispy. The only difference is the thickness. This extra crispy is just under 32 ga, the J. Long kit sample I have in my collection is just a whisper thinner. The item up for sale is about 0.20 mm thick. The J. Long I have measures about 0.17 mm thick +/- (hard to measure textured material this thin).
Fit to a J. Long P1: This will not fit a J. Long P1, J. Long sizes are unique to his P1, it is longer and wider…LOL.
Fit’s: Art Asylum, The Wand Company, HMS Roddenberry Resin Phasers, Shanko Fiberglass kits, 23rd Century Pistol Kits and, likely fits nearly all others with the exception of the J. Long’s.
The Crispy measures the standard Star Trek nominal 0.97” x 1.30 “, you may need to trim the 1.30” length for specific installations. The 0.97” dimension will likely require no trimming or very little.
Annealing: When applying on double curved surfaces, like some fiberglass Phaser’s, anneal with a propane torch using the same technique as that used on a ParaGraphix Part. Visit YouTube.
Corners: Provided square corner the way I got them. To add radius by hand: masking tape is applied to rear of crispy, next an aluminum “master-template” or “circle template” is used to draw ⅛” radius on the part, finally very sharp heavy duty scissor is used to cut each corner with great precision (not sheet metal shear as sheet metal shear leaves shark tooth edge).
This “real aluminum” is easy to; Arrives to you in super bright mirror finish; Drill, cut with scizzors, weather, rolex grain and, do anything else you can come up with, your the prop builder and I say have some fun!.
Dimensions: Perfect and evenly “symmetric die-cut rectangle” exactly as seen in the photo; The standard Star Trek nominal 0.97 x 1.30 “ . I was at the EMP/MoPOP 5oth Star Trek Exhibit in Seattle this April 2017. I brought a Crispy and compared the “detail” to the exhibited “Paul G. Allen Family Collection” P2 crispy. As far as appearance goes, they are near identical. For some reason the Museum staff would not open the display kiosk to allow me a closer inspection??

You get what you see in the photograph, but ask questions anyway…..live long and
Suggested Installation: Weldwood Contact Cement form Home Depot or LocTite Brand two part epoxy in a syringe from WalMart, your the prop builder ! When installing on an ArtAsy I sand off the existing diamond pattern with some 60 grit after disassembly of the P1.
Also visit: startrekpropauthority or yourprops to learn all about Phasers, crispy’s, and nozzle designs…


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