P2 AA Laser Aluminum Nozzle



Star Trek™ Aluminum Nozzle for Art Asylum™ © ® or similar P2 shells (acrylic emitter not included) with no-back end


Finished 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy (British HE9), not hard anodized: ready for 12mm laser module or traditional light bulb installation. This short version requires the prop builder decide on how-to secure the laser module or similar part, aka by using a set screw etc.

This Aluminum Nozzle replica is a one part design (no ratchet effect) extensively prototyped and engineered & re-engineered by me to allow a quick retrofit to Art Asylum P2 TOS shells, while the copper heat-sink of the laser fits full depth into this nozzle for less cost.

I have provided; photo’s of the item you get, it has not yest been detailed and polished.

This is a very special item. The aluminum is NOT ANODIZED and is of a more workable alloy type than others on the market. Why?, I used a special 6063-T5 un-anodized aluminum because it is workable by a prop builder. Anodizing most often hardens the material surface making it difficult to; machine, grain and/or, further polish. I want you to have options.

My aluminum is easy to; mirror polish even-more, drill, file, acid weather, rolex grain and, do anything else you can come up with, your the prop builder and I say have some fun!

Watch “How It’s Made” PASTE THIS LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJVifbd-lDw&t=25s

Working It: Put a wood ½” dowel in a drill, sand the dowel down to for the 31/64” hole diameter, mount the part, and you have a mini-lathe to; file, grain, polish, and do what you like, to this part.

Nozzle Size & Details: The standard Trek MidGrade nominal 1-1/16 diameter x 15/16” long exposed decorative part. Details were primarily taken from my direct observations of the Fiberglass midgrade phaser nozzle “style” as exhibited in the “Paul Allen Family Collection” (currently at the Star Trek 50th exhibit at the Seattle EMP/MoPOP Museum) and the “West Coast Collector’s” Midgrade Phaser photographs that are on-line.

Mounting Hole Dimension: Split-style shell or other detail by you; suggest a 31/64″ drill (just under 1/2″).

Compatible With: Art Asylum © ™ ®, HMS Roddenberry Resin Kits © ™ ®, Shanko Fiberglass Hero’s, 23rd Century Pistol Kits © ™ ®, remember you’re the prop builder ! These Nozzles also make for unique “hot” and “cold” faucet knob in a powder bath. PASTE THIS LINK FOR HOW-TO-MODIFY AN ART ASYLUM PHASER, https://youtu.be/2w14mqJaBDw

Acrylic Emitter (not provided in this auction): Accepts standard 5/16 aftermarket scifi props on ecrater emitter, or modify the “Art Asylum © ™ ®” emitter, or make your own from some 5/16” acrylic rod & sandpaper & with an electric drill, or lathe. You’re the prop builder !

Acrylic Emitter Fit (not provided in this auction): The aluminum has a hole 0.313” for the acrylic. This is sometimes a force-fit (no glue if you chose none). You will need to fit the emitter by lightly sanding down the acrylic diameter so it can be pushed-in. If you have a press you can just force-fit the acrylic without sanding.

Laser Module Size: Fits standard 12 mm diameter modules of both full or half length (use the full length ones). Modules available on ebay from DTR-LPF: PASTE LINK TO DTR-LPF http://stores.ebay.com/dtr-lpf?_trksid=p2047675.l2563I


Laser Module Cavity Nominal: 12.00 mm to 12.02 mm (31/64” approx.) diameter x 12 mm (1/2”) depth to accept the copper part of the module.

There is no #8-32 cup point set-screw provided to secure the module or lighting assembly not pilot hole. You would need to drill and tap these.

Accurate: I think you can’t get more accurate than this MidGrade nozzle, you can own the same type of MidGrade nozzle seen in most of the Star Trek episodes on TV. This nozzle is entirely hand machined on a lathe and indexed end-mill. It is not extruded aluminum (the TV show did not use such an extrusion). It is not anodized. The front radius is very small to conform to the screen captures I reviewed (thanks re-mastering…) and my first hand observation of the Fiberglass midgrade phaser nozzle “style” as exhibited in the “Paul Allen Family Collection” (currently at the Star Trek 50th exhibit at the Seattle EMP/MoPOP Museum) .

You get what you see in the photographs, but ask questions anyway…..live long and question..

Also visit ONLINE : startrekpropauthority or yourprops to learn all about Phasers and nozzle designs…

How Accurate Is This MidGrade Nozzle?
You can be the judge of that by researching screen shots from the 1960’s. When comparing this MidGrade Nozzle to episode “screen images” it can be quickly noticed it matches what was used on-set more often than any other nozzle currently produced for prop makers. Most importantly this reproduced prop nozzle is made of a workable un-anodized aluminum, just like the originals.

Warranty & Service Information:
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