Star Trek Communicator Leather Holster




Star Trek © ™ CBS 2014

Brand New Handcrafted, Custom, Leather Holster or, Belt Case, designed expressly for:

The Wand Company Ltd. TOS Communicator © ™ TWC LTD. 2016
$69.99 Plus $7.00 Packing & Shipping via USPS Priority Mail, Tracked and Insured, to any continental USA address!

Holster / Case © All Copyrights and other Rights Reserved 2016-2017 and Pending to Jon-Paul Joseph Lussier, Sarasota Florida USA: United States Copyright Office ECO File System #1-3893387721, International Copyright Deposit Washington D.C. and Paris France Certificate #DEP63603946283699167.

Leather Holster Features:
Visit “” for a YouTube on this item.

The right “Design” with the right “lines and curves” that complement this Iconic Star Trek © CBS 2014™ Props’ graceful shape and simple outline,
Easy on-off spring steel “Military-Spec” belt clip (the kind used on real-duty-holsters…ooh) and,

The design allows glimpses of; the Kydex, silver mid-plate and, gold baked epoxy finished antenna, all the while preventing wear and keeping the device safe. The antenna hinge knuckles were not exposed due to my concern that “exposing” the knuckles could result in them becoming worn over time.

Duty holster grade riveted construction with interior below-flush-rivets selected and designed to protect the Kydex back from wear and scratching. I have inserted the communicator “antenna-in” and have not experienced any scratches, I do not recommend inserting the communicator in the holster “backwards” with “antenna-in”. It is my opinion that “backward insertion” puts the “antenna” at greater risk of wear or damage should you fall on the communicator while it is in the holster.
Belt clip for 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ nominal belt, up to 3/8″ x 1-1/2″ if snugly fitted,
Precisely fit to an actual Wand Company Communicator using a traditional wood form,

Holster features “Deep side cuts” for easy removal and insertion into holster (so you don’t drop you communicator…yikes), insert Communicator hinge-end first and antenna facing out for proper fit (see listing photographs).

Star Trek TOS Black Color Premium Full Grain oak-tanned leather, featuring heavy 7/9 ounce weight with A++++ grade brushed suede interior, this holster design protects the perforated steel antenna grill from dents and most importantly, the kydex communicator-shell from scratches,
Proper Star Trek TOS Black Velcro Closure (Star Trek & Velcro are lifelong friends…) Velcro eliminates worries about secondary “magnetic gauss fields” that may/or may-not interfere with; incoming bluetooth signals, the wireless recharging system or, accidently magnetising the flip-open antenna,

Each holster Individually hand crafted in the USA,
Generic “Vector-Chevron” arrowhead symbol embossed onto holster front recalls the Star Trek © CBS 2014™ official Logo.
I use my holster and communicator all-day every-day and watch for “wear” on the communicator. So far there is no “wear” to report. Kudo’s to the Wand Company Ltd LLC for another great product!


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