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  1. Norman C Watson 3 years ago

    This is why I’ve become basically the FB Sybil. I get a kick out of working around their stupid “punishments.” I’ve been the FB jug so many times that I wrote a song about it! Thank you, Jimmy Rogers! Oh, and speaking of Zuckie, did you notice that they had him on a BOOSTER SEAT, when he gave his testimony? 😀

    I’m In The Facebook Jail

    They think I’m just a trash talkin’ slob,
    The FB spies out there on the job
    Cause one more time they’ve tried to shut me down.
    I piped up last Sunday,
    Now I’m locked out ‘til Monday.
    Those retards really think I’m not around.
    I’ve got a new page now! I’ve got a new page now!
    They’ve blocked me once or twice, ‘must ‘a thought I wasn’t very nice,
    I’ve got a new page, now!

    I love to play the joker, pickin’ on some weak toker,
    The snowflakes really hate to feel my flame.
    I don’t mind FB jail just as long as I hear them wail,
    When they blow up it makes me feel real fine.
    I’ve got a new page now! I’ve got a new page now!
    They’ve blocked me once or twice, ‘must ‘a thought I wasn’t very nice,
    I’ve got a new page, now!

    There’s some lib named Susie, and I called her a floozy,
    You should have seen the way she melted down.
    So fast that it wasn’t funny,
    Like a quick jab from Ol’ John Tunney
    The Brown Pajama Boys went right to town.
    I’ve got a new page, now!
    I’ve got a new page, now!
    One thing those lopdicks better face
    Is I ain’t gonna leave this place.
    I’ve got a new page, now!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Ha! Love it! Indeed…were working on a new page now! A new forum…no stuff…news about our kits, only rule, respect.

      Thanks for your input!

  2. Lee Chambers 3 years ago

    Hi Simon,never done Facebook never will,your video was funny,they are idiots to ban you but there loss,i am very interested in your new forum idea have a great time at Wonderfest and save journey.

    Best Regards,


    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Thanks Lee….you got that right…idiots. The video was rather tame, surprised the animal activists didn’t storm the studio over the Parrot skit.

  3. Shawn 3 years ago

    Simon there was nothing wrong with your video
    Facebook and YouTube suck and you are right both companies follow your movement on there sites and that why I wear my aluminum foil hat lol
    Thank for the update
    Shawn w

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Do those hats work? LOL!

  4. Murphy Peoples 3 years ago

    Harmless Video. Ridiculous FB reaction. I thought Elmo removing Trek’s leg was more shocking. LOL

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      No kidding….and as I mentioned…I’ve seen far more horrid videos on Facebook. There are 2 possibilities….one…they find my posts questionable…and were waiting for an excuse to zap me. Second…an AI system makes the call, and zaps you….either way…good riddance to bad trash…

      Thanks Murph…see you at WonderFest…..

  5. Richard Kirshy 3 years ago

    I can understand how some may find this a sore spot with all the school shootings of late.
    But, people are becoming over reactive to the littlest things these days.
    When did folks forget how to laugh at a joke and not turn it into a SJW platform.
    I thought it was harmless and funny

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Exactly…..I’m not numb to concerns…completely understandable…but let’s get real….was the video so out of bounds it waranted my blocking? One of my fans was in law enforcement for over 30 years…even he said there was nothing over the top there…..and I would never get illegal about doing videos….common sense rules…in all things….

  6. Andrew Reynard 3 years ago

    I see that video and I think, ‘Oh, that’s just the Professor, getting himself into trouble again! Of course he thought he could bring all that in his lab coat on a plane!’ and I wouldn’t have thought any more about it. Even your American TSA officers show a sense of humor sometimes. Once flying out of Ft. Lauderdale, my boss put the TSA lady up to coming up to me and informing me that they would not allow me to board an airplane with red shoes on! I took it seriously till she cracked and started laughing! I can only guess that someone who’s never seen the professor (why on earth were they watching your video then?) saw the vid, was offended and reported it. Does seem like a huge over reaction. I’ve probably seen all of the Professor vids over the years and so I know, that’s just the Professor!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Well there you go….if you are not aware of like 150 prior films of him being an idiot….you have no clue of what is really going on. Hence….I tried to explain it…but was blocked in every way….which quite frankly…offended the Hell put of me…

      Here’s what I tried to post…

      Big Brother lives….I created a short comedy film last night….about the Professor, in an Airport Security checkpoint….who has not flown since 1944.

      Unaware of today’s flying restrictions…he shows up, and as usual is armed to the teeth….and all the weapons shown were toys or BB guns….

      Now I understand that currently, weapons, Airport security, crazed bastards who do insane things, all in one 4 minute film, might upset the censors….oh yes…

      But here’s my point. Mel Brooks made a film, back some years, called “The Producers”…featuring the brilliant Zero Mostel, and Gene Wilder….both Jewish….Mel…was also Jewish….and it deals with Nazis, who appear as fun loving types…in a dancing Broadway musical….now that film was very funny, and no one bitched at the controversial aspects….it was a joke….people go it. And nowadays, along with “Blazing Saddles”…as a brilliant friend pointed out….would cause panic, disorder, and chaos….

      There are countless examples of things that are considered “In bad taste” that are very funny done in a satirical fashion.

      Hunter Thompson wrote some ghastly themed stuff…but he is my favorite author…..and people still love his work…

      Do we really need to be protected from things that poke fun at the fear system set up to keep us all at home…frightened behind our drawn window shades…and let them tell us what is OK…to poke fun at?

      Are we that dumb…..or easily frightened…like some Deer in the forest?

      Was it in bad taste…mmmm…maybe. Would it offend? Probably some folks would be…but humor is based on offensive…out of bounds shit. If Saturday Night live did it….it would be considered funny…..cause it would be mainstream…edgy…and all that crap…..

      So I did it first….so they think….”Bad Simon….how could you….that’s offensive….etc…” and as of a couple of hours ago….seems I’m blocked…possibly banned….for a joke….possibly in bad taste…..Oh dear….and as of now…none of you has seen this post….remember…I’m blocked….

      Charlie Chaplin once said “Comedy is hard”…in his many biographies he often spoke of comedy being based on observing others in painful situations…that is was based on dark themes…..etc…..think….slipping on a Banana Peel….or walking on a rake on the ground…and it smacks you in the face….see his point….

      “This Parrot is no more, it has…expired, gone to the other side, it is an Ex Parrot!”…..Pure Python humor…but based on the demise of something…

      So in my next video….posted on my channel….on my website…I’m posting it….

      Upon return from Wonder Fest…..we should have plenty of material for a great video….and you can hate the little funny there…but sadly…not here….”

      So I think this would have gone a long way to explain my viewpoint…but the bastards blocked it, and every subsequent post…..

      So…over and done…good riddance…and hope to see you in the upcoming forum here!

  7. Dave Ford 3 years ago

    Hey Simon,

    I love your videos and your workmanship when it comes to your craft. That really sucks that a few people can’t get there head out of their arses. Your professor video was funny and reminded me of a skit from back in the 80s, can’t remember exactly where. Completely harmless. Way too many sensitive people out there.

    Only reason I maintain a Facebook account is for the new extended family who just found me, adopted at birth (and reconnected) and some model building groups. I’m sorry to hear about your FB departure, but since your departure from YouTube I’ve been a subscriber here.

    Please keep these videos coming, they are always highly entertaining and I love the satire.

    Cheers from a fellow Canadian!


    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Go Habs Go! A little Canuck thing….glad this works for you…

      I’m not very political, but it’s hard not to notice the swing to the left here…and the near strangulation of common sense. Whch is now met with a very hard right…makes it scary to say what you feel…not knowing the stance of the folks your with. Violence can erupt…because it causes stress, and people are pretty much in some kind of moral rage…

      I often do films to point out the idiocy of it all…and poke it with a stick. If the viewers have an inkling of sense…they will have to laugh…and perhaps….think…

      Many of the videos I do, the funnies, are not just some silly thing….some have a message.

  8. Manuel Lim 3 years ago

    I thought it was quite good.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Thanks….appreciate the comment.

  9. Fred Ekstrand 3 years ago

    Hello Simon Mercs,

    I have seen the videos.
    Even without the context of your funnies it is clear it is a homemade funny skit and not to be taken seriously.
    It sounds to me a few knuckleheads complained and FaceBook went into auto knee jerk response with out any human over site.

    For my one and half cent and a bit of tongue-in-cheek.
    It was banned because it was too close to the TSA training videos. FaceBook and the TSA couldn’t recognize the difference.
    Having such videos leaked into the public domain would undermined airport security procedure employed by the TSA. 😛

    Keep on making videos on modeling and your funnies!!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Brilliant observation….that had not occured to me, very astute.

      Thanks for that….and your very kind comment!

  10. Dwayne Tipton 3 years ago

    Hey Simon , I’ve been a fan a few years enjoying your videos and model building superb techniques. Your Facebook issue isn’t the first I’ve heard of my nephew has had his far share of FB jail. Personally I don’t get it and your right about people posting cruelty to animal video often , as well as the elderly being abused by family members and other people. I totally miss the days of you in the back yard loading up a stuffed animal with you awesome pellet guns. Well you will be much better person to not have the aggravation of dealing with FB. Keep shining my friend and keep the videos alive

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      It’s idiotic…..and rather insulting…but that’s the way it went…so like the time You Tube got a bit too nuts with me….I am gettting out of Facebook….and doing my own thing….appreciate the supportive comment…thank You…..

  11. Gary Chapman 3 years ago

    Trust me when I say I was wondering what was going on, and I have missed seeing you on FB, Thank you for the explanation. I wish people could just settle down and get a grip. I saw nothing wrong. It would have been different if he killed a group of people. I’m Glad you are continuing here at least. Please continue to include me with your posts, as I do enjoy seeing your work.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Several people thought I unfriended them….not so. But that kind of underhanded blocking…and not laying out what line I crossed…was just beyond rude. Who decided that…? And by what standards or unspecified rules? If your subscribed, you’ll be notified every new video!

  12. Joe Fleming 3 years ago

    Simon! You introduced yourself to my wife and I this past weekend at Wonderfest and informed me of the fact that I look a lot like Shinzon from Star Trek Nemesis. I kept looking for you afterwards because after having googled it, I was a little surprised that it has taken 15 years to find this out. Thanks for stopping to chat with us. I am sad that I won’t be able to enjoy your wit and humor on facebook, but I hope we’ll be seeing you at Wonderfest next year.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Thanks….FB is just a platform….a location. I don’t think simply having a different location suddenly makes you hard to reach…in fact, registered subscribers are the first to know. Never allow any individual, or group, to decide what you can…or cannot do, in an expressive art based creation. This kind of “Herd Mentality” leads to very bad things….and History proves me right…

  13. Greg 3 years ago

    After just a short bit I immediately thought of a scene in one of the Naked Gun shows, if I remember right.
    This is something I wrote today on another site.

    It must be quite easy to succumb, or, rather deteriorate, to such a level of inadequacy which propels someone to imagine the most bizarre of conditions. To imagine oneself in a world of fantasy is one thing, but to carry that into reality and even demand its existence is beyond mental impairment. It’s a sickness that cannot be allowed to perpetuate beyond those impaired. For society as a whole, and especially any form of Government to facilitate this abnormality will insure the eventual failure of the civilization.

    What we have seen, and are seeing, is the devolution of “humankind” by something so seemingly benign as “social media”. I believe it was one of the creators of Facebook that has lamented what they have done to not only the individual but society in general. The simple action of “liking” something or someone has fed the anxiety of inadequacy. Was it Sally Field who said, “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”. People are now desperate for “likes”. It has become an international addiction, more destructive, in some ways, than even the drug culture.

    An addiction can never be maintained in minimal terms. It’s not a “maintenance drug”. The doses have to be increasingly supplied. Instead of teaching someone to overcome inadequacy we have “nurtured” it. It continues to be planted and watered. The result is every imaginable fantasy is brought to life and then “exploited” by those in power. All these endless classifications of sexual proclivities are inadequacies that have to be ever more exotic, which then increases anxiety and inadequacy. It was on full display in the many “cry-ins” after the election.

    The media has played their role in perpetuating the symptoms and the disease. Much like it was in the early days of political correction it begins with stories that suggest it is beyond the norm, but cute in a way. This overt permissiveness creates acceptance and expands far beyond its origins of acceptance and evolves into destructiveness. We are now at that stage with “fluid genders”. As a society we should not stand for and allow “self-destructive” behavior, especially when it is indoctrinated to the youth, that is, the generations to follow. It would be like instructing youth on the “value of suicide” and its benefits.

    Given that the self-destructive inadequacies seemingly have their roots in social media, it is time to take serious action on its effects. From the creators own testimony of its ill effects the Tech Giants should be held accountable. Instead of encouraging the suicidal behavior it is time to prevent their own destruction.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Well…..Wow…rarely do I see such a post….amazing. Indeed, although your prose, at such an elevated intellectual format…may be misunderstood, I see exactly what you mean. The whole “Dumbing Down” effect is so visible in these “Boxed Enclaves” ….where the entire human interchange has been reduced to a thumbs up icon…and little else…

      I must say however, I can only hope that my input has not added to the problem. On a surface level, my comedic clips, are but silly stuff. But the observant may notice that I am speaking of a social situation, or malaise, being addressed in the guise of something less confrontational.

      If I have failed at this, I have only myself to blame.

      The Left has destroyed what logic remained, and put us on the path to a level of stupidity I dare not even fathom.

      I hope some of my analogies were seen, especially by anyone possessing your level of perception.

      It seems that not only has the masses fallen into a chaotic lack of sense, but…dare I say…embrace it?

      Greed has overtaken all that was once unspoken truth…but you certainly didn’t mince words.

      I almost didn’t post this, you simply are beyond the normal level of expression….to most.

      But I felt it was far too well written to not post it.

      However, this is not a political site, but in retrospect…my video certainly had those elements.

      I choose to instill that kind of awareness in a way that is readily understood, for the affected persons you mention, it’s a rare thing when someone does it at your level. Perhaps only the starting block…but better than none. I’m sure you appreciate my point….

      I am duly impressed…if your not a diplomat, or a professional in political or social science, or a well known writer…you ought to be.

      And if my film …in the guise of a “Funny” got through….or my statments on the video, rang a bell in such as you….then all hope is not yet lost.

      Thanks for a very illuminating statement….I am surprised such an intellect would even bother commenting on my meager efforts….

  14. Greg 3 years ago

    Your flattery has left me overwhelmed. I can assure you the “intellectual class” would consider me far below their standards. I have none of the credentials that would meet with their approval. In fact, I left high school and acquired a GED in the military. After that the only education was in a tech school for a year. I do a great deal of reading and listen to reasonable discussions. I will not listen to as I call, “Reality show / political cock fights”.

    I’ve admired your creative talent and appreciated it. I once had desires in creative arts but that was extinguished in the school system. In grade school I had a burning desire to pencil sketch portraits. Everyone said I should take art in high school, so I did. We mostly had to draw stills of fruits and the like, which I utterly despised and thereafter lost all desire for any more drawings. After Star Trek came out I became enthused with writing SciFi stories. Some classmates praised the stories but after English Literature and the way it was taught that soured me on writing. The manner in which education is taught soured me completely on higher education. Afterwards, whatever I wanted to learn I immersed myself fully with an intent of knowing everything I could About it. AND, that’s why I rely on people like you to enhance whatever ability I have.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      I have always hated school…so I completely understand how you feel. I found that having a keen interest in a subject, drives you to learn it on your own. I earned an AS in Graphic Arts, but only because I tolerated those fruit bowls….what a drag.

      You cannot really be taught art, you can learn about the tools it requires, perhaps certain techniques, but it’s something built in. You either get it, or not.

      The educational system has degraded, and the repetitious input methods are useless. As Rockerfeller said….”Give me a Nation not of the educated, give me workers”….therefore the “timecard” based, industrial patterned school structure, is the result of it’s main founders vision.

      Glad you find my work to be helpful. Just do the art expression that feels right, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

  15. Proteus AKA Thomas Puckett 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the videos. But then I am not a snowflake and I do not take things too serious. After all no one gets out of life alive. People need to learn to laugh at themselves.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Well said, one of my favorite quotes. Indeed, my videos are meant to entertain, and sometimes, there is a bit of social commentary in there. But anyone who takes them in some serious way, is a reactionary person of little clarity.

  16. Phil Conner 3 years ago

    As a child born in the mid ’50s, I was exposed early on to the comedic genius of Ernie Kovacs (whom George Schlatter credits as being the biggest influence in his creating Laugh-In) and many of Ernie’s skits would be heavily stomped upon today. As an example….I recently showed a co-worker the classic Nairobi Trio skit (for those who have no clue who or what that is: ). His immediate response was to equate three gorilla suits with the word Nairobi and immediately invoke racism!
    What I got out of the airport skit was remembering that Harpo Marx used to pull all sorts of improbable things out from under his trench coat and imagining Harpo in the same situation only whistling and honking his horn! If anything, the only thing that did stick in my craw was that whichever government official wrote the labels for the upper left of the screen misspelled the word “identity.”
    Final thought: I guess I would be what would be considered a liberal lefty in my worldview, but I appreciate humor and satire from all points of view. Keep it up, Papa!

    Okay…final Final Thought: At the end of the parrot sketch, I could somehow see Yosemite Sam looking at the tablet and reading aloud about not feeding the bird seeds then looking plaintively to the camera and muttering “Oh no….” and, KABOOM!! leaving a charred Sam muttering “Ah hates parrots…..”

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Oh Man….Kovacs…but I have seen episodes…and if I may say…rather trippy….and ahead of it’s time…even if slightly before my time….thanks buddy…it was…a Joke…haha…a funny….the leading text clearly stated he had not flown since 1944…hence the “Set Up” for the skit…

      Someone said it could be someone thought it was a stolen video of an Airpory security film….really?

      C’mon….I do green screen stuff….but I am not a pro at all….Final Cut pro gives me far more effects than I ever dreamed of….the charm of my funnies…is that they are not professional…barely a notch above home videos….

      I was banned from Facebook over this…and I wouldn’t dare post it on You Tube…even though I have seen some awful shit on both….

      One of my clients, a veteran of law enforcement…with over 20 years experience, said the only thing that was legally incorrect was that the weapons should have been presented in cases….that’s it….

      And….it was extremely obvious that it was a funny skit….

      But any presentation of guns, airports, etc….clicks a chord in these algorithmic controlled platforms… this so very clever AI monitored world… the point, that a shtick done back in Kovacs time…is now branded as dangerous….

      Man…I miss the 60’s…..and the 70’s, even some of the 80’s….but sadly…after that…it’s a downhill ride…just my 2 cents…..

  17. George J 3 years ago

    You’ve got to be effing kidding me!

    They banned you for that? They’re morons!

    It reminds me of a classic movie (which I can’t remember the name of right now) where a gangster is frisking someone and he keeps coming out with gun after gun after gun.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      And that’s the scene I remember, and a few others from old BW comedies….ridiculous….

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