Millenium Falcon Diorama Update #17

The last video in the series! Finally, our 1/72nd scale display, of the infamous Docking Bay 94, in the Mos Eisly Space Port on Tatooine, from “Star Wars: A new Hope”, released in 1977. Featuring a Movie Prop quality Millennium Falcon Freighter, with full illumination. With a standard lighting mode, as seen in the film, and an augmented “FX” mode, which pushes the limits beyond what was seen in the film, courtesy of my crazed imagination!

Film features the usual psycho babble lead in segment, a very long and detailed look at the display, in day and night modes. The new “Star Fire” glass display case, which allows etchings that allow light flow like fiber optics!

And…..the return of “Trek Nazi!” Not seen since the “Piscean System” incident, where the “Mirror Mirror” Universe seemed to have swallowed him up. And the horror he faces in the vortex of the….well…the backyard….yes…I know…what can I say..?

Not to be missed!

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