Smurfaggedon VI: Manfred’s Revenge


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  1. Ronald Seipel 2 years ago

    Good enough for a fun silly film that you can blow toys up like when we were kids. Actually I was hoping that the Smurfs finally would lose a battle no we won’t gave to gear that incessant music La lalalalala lalala lala.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Ha! Yes, had to happen eventually. I put the outcome up for bid, and Ryan Packard, felt that way!

      It was refreshing that he won, after so many failed attempts…but….the struggle continues!

      I will revisit this video, time was short, and with a project on the bench, I could not devote the time required, to really make it far better.

      I will do this soon…..

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