AMT Star Trek Enterprise E Display Project Update #10

  1. CURTIS BOYT 3 weeks ago

    Sorry to hear about the bird Simon , don’t know the spelling of her name . Wild animals leave the nest eventually . Humans are no different and your example was spot on really . The only difference is the kids always come back for holidays and money usually . lol ..The E is turning out great and Lou is the man when it comes to mask . I have an inquiry Simon and I don’t want to get too personnel but you hit a nerve , almost literally , on your last upload on your site . It is about your nose surgery . You and I are the same age and both Canadians , although I am still stuck up here waiting for snow . Anyways I have a similar issue with my sinus . One is wide open and the other almost closed plus I am a smoker , I thought maybe it was that . I have never heard about the problem as something normal as we age till you mentioned it . I am alittle scared now although its not a real issue but maybe it should be with me . What issue were you having that lead up to the surgery ??which scares me even more since your explanation . lol . although the lol is a cover ..Much Respect Simon …

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 weeks ago

      Hello fellow Canuck! The symptoms are pretty basic, you barely can breathe out of one side. Especially bad at night…

      The Doc told me it’s an age progression thing…..weird as it sounds….

      The surgery hurt a bit, but as an amputee…..I’ve felt worse…

      A week into the recovery, still blocked up, but sometimes opens up. A lot of discharge, doing salt saline washes. Hurts a bit….was told 2 weeks for full recovery….

      You can choose to live with it, but breathing right was worth going through the hard part…

  2. M. Siler 3 weeks ago

    Ahhh! The eye crossing, fun part of modeling….Masking! Still, much better then doing it by hand! You make it look easy. Be careful Vinnie, If the wrong neighbor or wrong cop sees you with that tommy, They will play you an Al Capone song called, “Freeze! Hands up! Rat a tat tat…tat”! Nature is a fickle bee-youch! You never know, one chilly eve, Ming Ming may find her way back to a warm roost….I hope so, at least. The “J” man in the Bible once said “As you have done to the least of my creatures, you have done also unto me.” Anywho…. Excellent work, Master Mercs!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 weeks ago

      That’s an oldie clip…but with little time to make new ones, still funny. If Ming decides to return for a bit, she is always welcome…..she is family…..

  3. Murphy Peoples 3 weeks ago

    Kit Factory Mascot Ming Ming will be missed! The Peoples family wishes you a full recovery Papa!
    – Murphy

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 weeks ago

      Thanks, I’m actually happy she went to the wild, you just can’t cage nature. Zoo’s always bother me because of that. Recovery is still a week away…..but I do hope it happens sooner….later Murph!

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