AMT Star Trek Enterprise E Display Project Update #6

  1. Proteus AKA Thomas Puckett 3 months ago

    I love that you show how you think outside the box. That is why I love your videos. I don’t think using stickers like you did would have come to my mind. I probably would have grabbed some plastic and try cutting it to fit and then gluing it.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 months ago

      As I said in the video, it doesn’t always have to be something complicates…thanks Proteus….

  2. M. Siler 3 months ago

    Excellent work! ~Wise words~ And the F-in’ Yeti rocks!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 months ago

      Sometimes….you gotta say it…..and Yeti is a pretty “Cool” character!

  3. Jeffrey Robinson 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video Simon. Are you using the new camera now? The last I heard you say was that you needed to read up on it. In an any event they’re looking good. Have a good week.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 months ago

      Yes indeed! most excellent client, sent me terrific Canon HD, and it is the camera I now use. I sent the older one in for repairs, and the place is a total rip off enterprise. Note to others, never send anything to a Camcorder repair place in Glendale California. The first call I made, 10 days after delivery, the guy who answered sounded exactly like several scammers I have received calls from….I knew I had screwed up right then. After jerking me around for hours, I finally asked the camcorder be returned…or I was calling the local police. They charged me 35 bucks shipping…and that was last week. I can predict 2 things, I will never see it again, or…it will arrive in far worst shape than before. They estimated a cost of around 220.00 to repair it at first, then upped it to almost 700! Comments, on their store, which said good things were obviously fabricated, bad ones pretty much confirmed these guys are complete thieves….ask me if your looking at a location in that area, I will tell you exactly who it is…..

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