AMT Star Trek Enterprise E Display Project Update #7

  1. Lee Chambers 2 months ago

    Great show Simon,i am with you on the price guy’s are charging,as the Joker said in the Dark Knight”if your good at something never do it for free”.
    I only build for myself,but my day job is a feast or famine type of business,so i know what it’s like for sure.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 months ago

      You gotta do it for the right price, at least more than it cost you…double it. The time involved to create a decent item is considerable. With ridiculous prices posted by idiots who only want the bragging rights of selling their work….like once, and then claim they are “Pro’s” as a result, hurts the entire community of “Build for hire” guys…and girls…..yes…yes indeed…

      These twits set up the Pro builders for insults, when the clients ask them for a quote, which are realistic fees for professional results…and are judged as scum…..

      Look…if you want a cheap piece, buy a freakin’ Playmates…..or wake up…..

      Serious collectors never bitch about prices, because they understand the effort it requires to create a special piece.

      I never developed this service for budget work…there were guys out there who did that. I wanted to build serious projects, with a decent budget, and really show what can be done…..

      Indeed…..feast and famine is part of the way it goes…..still….better than dying on your knees…

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