AMT Star Trek Enterprise E Display Project Update #8

  1. michelle Siler 2 months ago

    Beautiful work, and informative! ~Risqué !

  2. Colin Perry 2 months ago

    Still looking good. You are correct though there are massive colour variants mainly between first contact and Nemisis, insurrection mainly gave us the altered captain’s saucer yacht. Nemisis however moved the pylons and nacelles, added torpedo launchers (which I know you’ll be aware off with the after market parts) and darkened the ship. Biggest problem between films is that there is a “studio model” for first contact and cg was handled by ILM for that and insurrection, but Nemisis was a cg model only and done by another company (ILM was doing star wars) which means there is no physical visual reference, makes painting fascinating. I’m sorry to see the loss.of the forum site though, I’d love to post more I had some finished pics of the Enterprise C to upload . I find time a problem, I’m a nurse and build in my spare time whilst raising a small family too there’s only a few hours in the day to so… but of you keep.producing papa Smurf I’ll still come back and watch your vids. Honestly admire the put in and like I’ve said before your the inspiration Enterprise collection.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 months ago

      Thanks, indeed, reference is a tricky thing. And CG models are difficult to duplicate. As I said in the video, best go by the extreme dark, and light colors, and pattern your others on that basis.

  3. Jeffrey Robinson 2 months ago

    Very good video. Your work is amazing.

    Did you get your camera back?

    I though Patreon was a good idea.

    Glad you didn’t get any hurricane damage. Have a great week.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 months ago

      Thanks! I did, and they didn’t trash it, lucky there. I sent it to Canon afterwards, and they pulled the same crap, tell me a number, then later that day, jacked it up more than twice, that device is shelved for now. Any video camera guys out there? That don’t quote insane prices, then double them?

      Patreon is OK, just doesn’t feel right to me….

      Nope, just a lot of wind, but the West coast sure got it bad, help out if you can.

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