Blade Runner Car Pre Update

This video, by Simon Mercs, shows the details of the upcoming “Blade Runner/Car” diorama project. This project will begin soon, and although it’s a small scale, it has big visual impact! Also a look at the process of configuring such a project, and a quick, final look, at the large scale Klingon Bird of Prey… not to be missed!

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  1. Jeffrey 4 years ago

    Simon where does the ‘BLADE RUNNER’ car model kit come from?

    • Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      The kit comes from a Japanese company called “Fujimi”…they also make a great “Spinner” Police car kit. It’s a 1/24th scale kit, not very big, 7 inches long. But it’s very nicely detailed. A notch above kits like AMT, good crisp detailing.

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