Galileo Shuttlecraft Display Update #1

The first official Galileo 7 Shuttle Craft Diorama project includes background on the episode, the culture around its release, and other facts. The Figures created for it using 3D technology, and a look at the work completed in the earliest stage. The actual pick up by a client, of the recently completed Jupiter 2 Diorama, is filmed during the demonstration, and a look at his reaction to his new collection! A quick snippet of the recent Space X launch, very quick! A very interesting film for fans!
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  1. Warren Fahy 2 years ago

    Yet another insanely awesome work of art! Whoa, Pappa!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Thanks Warren! It was a labor of love, and had it’s share of problems, but I never give up.

  2. Mike Furley 2 years ago

    Hello Simon, WHAT A BUILD! The Jupiter 2 next to the movie enterprise you did ,this is my next favourite 👌George is a lucky man! I envy him, look forward to the build of the Galileo 7 keep up the great work you do ,you will always be the No1 modeler to me. My best, mike👌👌🖖

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Thanks Dude, there are many good modelers out there, I just do my best. George is very pleased, and that’s what really counts.

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