Galileo Shuttlecraft Display Update #3

In the third Episode of the Galileo 7 Diorama project, Simon Mercs shows the latest progress. A look at the lighting, being installed in the sliding Roof panel. Early Warp Engine effects, tiny interior Control Panels, and many sub assemblies starting to take shape. Plus, the Professors idea of corrective eye surgery.

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  1. Eliot R. Brown 2 years ago

    “Even der Fuehrer would have been pissed off at me…” Those *were* the days.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Aaaah….yes….and all in fun. In the same vein as “The Producers” by Mel Brooks, and Dr. Strangelove, by Kubrick…..making something totally dreadful….into something funny, even if just an attempt, is a tribute to the human spirit.

      We go on, the show must go on……always…into that long sleep…..

      So laugh and be merry…..

      • Author
        Simon Mercs 2 years ago

        And don’t take things so seriously…..

  2. Andrew Reynard 2 years ago

    As you were talking about the planes flying over head I was having fighter jets do their low pass over the runway for our airport just behind our back yard fence! What you are able to do with the lighting and fibre is always incredible!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Thanks Andrew. I realize some locations will have it far worse. Last night I counted 19 planes, one after another, in about 9 minutes, buzzing over our house after 9 pm. In the day, I have estimated near 100 do this. Seems a neighbor has also complained about the noise, finally….

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