Hedrick File Update #3

“In the third update of the “Hedrick File”…Simon Mercs covers the latest stuff…a look at some truly fantastic miniature work by a fan, the weapon being worked on, and news of the upcoming project. Also, news about our current kit project…and a bittersweet film on an old fella’…”

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  1. Richard 3 years ago

    Awesome Video Simon, Gun is turning out great, awesome work as always. was a pleasure to make the Laser Guns for you and will be working on your B9’s. Thanks for mentioning me and my work it’s greatly appreciated will share.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Terrific work Richard…was very impressed…look forward to seeing the Robot…..

      • Richard 3 years ago

        Sure thing, just need the height and width of the main hatch entry door and height of one of the interior walls when you get the chance. by the way thanks for the kind compliments in the video… ttyl.

        • Author
          Simon Mercs 3 years ago

          OK…remind me by e mail, or PM..on Facebook please! Your most welcome…really nice miniature work.

  2. Eliot Brown 3 years ago

    Best character yet– funny as hell. Vice-President Ford came back made entirely of cheese. Now that’s funny.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      Ha! And it’s all ad lib ramblings! Glad you like him….Jeremiah Coot may appear again if you really think he’s funny….

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