Lost In Space Jupiter 2 Saucer ‘In flight’ Part 4

The fourth episode of the “Lost in Space” Jupiter 2 Saucer  “In Flight” display project! Simon Mercs demonstrates the motorized “Reel to Reel” Computer Wall detail…a video chat with Tom Eilerman…about his brilliant packaging system, a look at the Kit Factory Forum, and Community….plus some Drone weirdness!

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  1. Proteus AKA Thomas Puckett 1 year ago

    Great video. Loving the detailed work. Always inspirational and informative.

  2. Tom Eilerman 12 months ago

    nice details

  3. Author
    Simon Mercs 12 months ago

    We try…..

  4. Scott Fitzgerald 12 months ago

    Man, I LOVE the spinning computer tape reels! WOWZERS, Poppa!

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 12 months ago

      Ed Holt supplied the motors, but yes, it is a cool detail! Thanks!

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