Lost In Space Jupiter 2 Saucer ‘In flight’ Part 6

  1. John Hill 1 year ago

    Great show. This has been a droopy week for me too. Get to feeling better…

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 1 year ago

      I notice when I’m having a downer week, others report feeling the same…weird.

      The Collective Consciousness… it’s world wide…makes you wonder….

      I’m working on it…and it wasn’t the comments…it’s just me……

  2. Thomas E. Johnson 1 year ago

    I like watching this come together Simon. This isn’t something I’d build myself as LIS never really caught my fancy much, but the Jupiter 2 reminds me of some of the 1950’s era reports of flying saucer sightings, which I find interesting. I wonder if Irwin Allen was following them also and if they influenced the design of the Jupiter 2….

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 1 year ago

      I always thought so…UFO’s were big news then, I’m sure it had influenced his choice.

  3. Thomas E. Johnson 1 year ago

    And I share your attitude about the past week seeming like a downer. Felt the same to me to. Even the weekend felt crappy.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 1 year ago

      I rarely get in a funk..but indeed, many reported that this was a lousy one. Must be the planetary alignment….

  4. M. Siler 1 year ago

    Cheer up Master Mercs! And remember to smile! (It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!)

  5. Jeffrey Robinson 1 year ago

    Hi Simon, I like it when you talk about your personal side. I can relate. Really liked the show. Have a good weekend.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 1 year ago

      Thank you! I know some people don’t like that content, but this sort of my vlog, a diary over the years. If they don’t like it, they can fast forward to the next section…I always structure the videos by starting with the talk…then the model…then the funny….it’s easy to watch only what you want. You have a great one, and thanks for the very nice comment!

  6. Proteus AKA Thomas Puckett 1 year ago

    Great video. Coming along nicely. Dang, what does the D want with us Primes? Not good. The Asylum could be in trouble.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 1 year ago


      • Proteus AKA Thomas Puckett 1 year ago

        Wasn’t it the D that asked about the primes in your video. 🙂

        • Author
          Simon Mercs 1 year ago

          Oooooooh…you mean “Big D”….jeez….got me there…been a while…

          Not heard from that region in some time…but as the Professor is missing…

          Who knows?

          I think he’s busy elsewhere these days…..

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