Millennium Falcon Pre Update


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  1. Sylvain Barbeau 4 years ago

    Hi Papa Smurf. I love Star Wars. I fell in love with the Bandai kits when they came out a couples of years ago. I got pretty all of them. People said that because they are snapping kit, they are kind of childish. I respond to them, “try it and see for yourself”. The engineering on them are so great and the details are so good. and they come at a real good price. I have made the A-Wing last winter with lights in it. Cockpit blinking and engine glowing. That was my first lighted model. I am very proud of it. The problem with those snap fit, is because they are so well engineered, is that there is not a lot of space inside. You may need to cut off some chunk. But nothing you can handle for sure. Just giving you a head’s up on that. I am not a Star Wars specialist, just a big fan, but in some instance, those Tie fighter “Panels”, I saw reference saying that these are cooling grill for the engine. Inside there are tube for the coolant or something…..just Fluff. I do not care much. As long as it look good and trigger my childish imagination……Long live the empire… 🙂 :)….
    You have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
    May the God of scale modeling gives many years of joys.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      Well Jeez… know your stuff! And honestly…I had no idea these were snap togethers…although I glue them together, when they are. I can wire up anything given the width of chanelling even tiny Fiber Optics….as a light source…

      If you watched the last small scale projects…you can see that even tiny models can be modified for lighting….

      Where there’s a will…there is always a way!

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