Millennium Falcon Update #10


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  1. Sylvain Barbeau 3 years ago

    Hi Papa Smurf, Glad your getting better. The Falcon look amazing with the base. Great work.
    As for the Bandai kit, most of them are all snap kit. I bought a lot of them. Especially for my kids. They are already color and most of them come with very good “stickers”. So for the kids, it is fast and easy. No glue, no paint, no hassle. One day if you want you can try a Master Grade (MG) Gundam. These come with a minimum hundred parts, all articulated, no glue and already molded with the right colors. ( But that do not prevent me for painting them.)The engineering on those things are incredible.
    P.S.: You can find those on Hobby Link Japan for the cheapest price.

    Also, thank you for the response to my question on your last update.
    You have a great week.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 3 years ago

      I am in awe of the Robotic models from the Orient…gorgeous things! If you look on some of the Portfolio Galleries on the site…you can see a few I did a while back. Indeed…the Tie Fighters were snaps…but I glued most of them…to avoid light leak issues…excellent quality kits too.

      I have much more to do on my schedule…and only have the capability of doing 3…up to 5 more projects..which will take me to my 62nd or 63rd year…but if I can still build well…perhaps a tad longer. I’m only accepting large scale…very serious type projects until I hang it up…gotta go in glory!

      But as always..appreciate your kind comments….take care!

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