Millennium Falcon Update #4


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  1. Murphy Peoples 4 years ago

    Thanks for cranking out a video even when you’re under the weather. I got my Papa Smurf fix for the week. ; )

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      I forge on! Thanks Murphy….glad you liked it…hope you have a great year!

  2. Eliot Brown 4 years ago

    Simon! My browsers are giving me interface problems, so I haven’t replied in a timely fashion to any of these. Plus trying to figure out which ones would work in Windows XP. Yeah, I know.
    But the “funny” was really cute– the last funny had that tickle-me-to-death Elmo come alive– and really made me jump. This time I merely laughed. Great fun, bud. Also bravura modeling- so nice to see.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      Hey there! Feared the evil snorgle monsters had eaten you! Indeed…the animatronic Elmo is quite funny…but not for Trek…..

      Moving along…’s a long way to completion with this kit…but In gets done.

      Long time no talk….do so soon! Loved the post on FB just recently….

  3. Sylvain Barbeau 4 years ago

    Happy new year Papa Smurf. To you and all your family.
    The falcon is looking awesome so far. Very eager to see the rest. Do not worry, we scale modeler do not get old. At one point we just starting to get “malfunctions” in some parts of our body. Just call “Scotty”. He’ll fis it 🙂
    Get well soon sir. So far I am very lucky that I did not catch a cold….yet.
    P.S. For Christmas, Santa Claus gave me the 50th edition of the TOS Enterprise 1/350 and the 22″ Eagle fro Space 1999. I am so happy. I am now waiting for the light kit that should arrived in February.

  4. Jeffrey Robinson 4 years ago

    The lasers were awesome! I’m glad you were able to put out this video. I hope you and Mama Smurf get well soon. Warmer weather is on the way. Happy New Year, take care.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      Lasers are great little eye poppers!

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