Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Update #19


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  1. Richard 4 years ago

    Excellent work as always Simon.

  2. Dave Ford 4 years ago

    The BOP looks amazing Simon!! And so cool to see Jackson happy and to hear he’s doing well after surgery 😀 Sorry to hear about your grandson’s ankle, I fractured mine while I was in university. I can relate, I hope he bounces back soon.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      Thanks! As I proceed through the project…I find the need to improve, add, it’s just got so much potential. It’s very much a “Fluid” process towards the end….when your dealing strictly with the esthetics….

      Jackson gets a post operartive check Wednesday…if all goes well….we plan on adopting him, and be more than just his “Foster” parents…we have become very fond of him…he’s a keeper….then…we plan on finding him a buddy….always liked to have 2 dogs…they don’t get lonely that way….

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