Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Update #19

  1. Richard 12 months ago

    Excellent work as always Simon.

  2. Dave Ford 12 months ago

    The BOP looks amazing Simon!! And so cool to see Jackson happy and to hear he’s doing well after surgery 😀 Sorry to hear about your grandson’s ankle, I fractured mine while I was in university. I can relate, I hope he bounces back soon.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 12 months ago

      Thanks! As I proceed through the project…I find the need to improve, add, it’s just got so much potential. It’s very much a “Fluid” process towards the end….when your dealing strictly with the esthetics….

      Jackson gets a post operartive check Wednesday…if all goes well….we plan on adopting him, and be more than just his “Foster” parents…we have become very fond of him…he’s a keeper….then…we plan on finding him a buddy….always liked to have 2 dogs…they don’t get lonely that way….

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