Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Update #21

Simon Mercs posts the latest details in Update #21, Part 2, of the 3 Part “Grand Finale” of the Studio Scale Klingon Bird of Prey Prop Reproduction, from the Star Trek films. A look at the lighting details now activated, wire coding, and a minor issue with the Remote Control, that was solved…and the Professor is grumpy…go figure..

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  1. Warren Fahy 4 years ago

    You’ll hate my comment, but with this being the most awesome thing ever, the corrugated connection from the power-supply seems like a docking tube from a Klingon space station. But then the base doesn’t look like it’s from the universe. So charge more to make that look like the docking hub of a Klingon space station and… (just a meddlesome idea – BRAVAO – what an INCREDIBLE model – it’s not a model, it’s a ride at Disneyworld! Jeesh!!!) Love ya, Warren Fahy

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      Well…the fabric used on this is extremely rare..and the only good quality, upholstery grade fabric, with Klingon Empire symbols on it. In fact, it’s the only fabric, in the world, I found with that pattern and graphic. The color mix is pretty good actually. As the primary colors of the ship entail a lot of rust colors, the brown is a good alternate color. The client could have opted for all sorts of things, but went simpler later in the game. Trust me Warren…there was no limit to what could be done here…but our vision, and the client’s financial resources…did not meet….

      Appreciate the comment old friend…and I’m glad you liked the piece!

  2. Manuel Lim 4 years ago

    Is that a ghost hunting video? I would love to see it on your sight.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 4 years ago

      There is one or two in the video archive here…..also..on You Tube, my channel is simply, “Simon Mercs”, and all 8 Paranormal films we did, are in a playlist there…check it out!

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