Simon Mercs demonstrates the latest additions to the current Jupiter 2 Saucer project! Two Astronaut figures added, along with the Pilot’s Chairs, the next project kit arrives, and a couple of clips of the awesome Landing Gear, and Hatch door functions! A very “Disco” light show…retinal burn time! Plus….a blast from the past….the “Code Blue” guys…show up after 8 years….fun stuff…

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  1. Philip Spallino 2 years ago

    Excellent, Work, Simon! Wish I could offered one of your J 2 builds with the works.

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Thanks Philip…I do offer payments, monthly with a 15% Deposit. But no pressure.

  2. Mark Thompson 2 years ago

    Simon, you still tha man! One crazy sob that has fun and is talented. I’m a crazy old man 65 to be exact in a month….onto medicare…. syill doin my graphics, but without some old clients that were pricks. Life is good except my body is falling apart. And North Iowa winters really suck, so that’s why I tuned you in for some knowledge and some laughs. Building my first ever Enterprise 18″ NCC-1701 model, and am doing my best to eff it up… I did build, I believe this same kit in 7th grade, but just slapped it together, threw it around and destroyed it with many firecrackers, but was a secret klingon death weapon that did it in….an M-80…. KA BOOM! Anyway take care. still big big fan. I wished I was loaded and I would buy that J2. Actually, I am a bit loaded, the effects of the natti light. LHope you get a handle on the pain. That sux. Talk later. mark

    • Author
      Simon Mercs 2 years ago

      Well….this one is sold..but I can make another…maybe. This build has been a trial. So many new things added, contractors doing sections for me….it turned into far more than expected.

      Future versions, if any, will be very pricey.

      Thanks for the usual crazy, always funny from you!

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